French Showering arrangements!

Isn’t it good to be back on home soil and away from Johnny Foreigner and back to good showering arrangements!

The French may be good at coffee – no need for degree level understanding in ‘coffee options’ there – but THEY CAN’T sort out bathing arrangements.

Inevitably the shower forms part of the bath configuration – which usually bodes ill

For a start the bath is always so tiny it can only be used in the seated position – knees bent – which is not good for the Major who likes unimpeded access to washing all parts of him

Or there is the shower option.

Major Dickie found the only way was to pay homage to the shower head – usually fixed approximately 18 inches up the wall from the bath – by adopting a praying position prior to turning on the taps!

This should only be done with the bathroom door securely locked as the resultant view of Whitebytts was not good for Tansy’s continued bon hommie.


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