The horrors of the Car Showroom and the dreaded Car Salesman

As the time is fast approaching for the Tansy Trusted  mode of Transport to be replaced,

Research took me to the dreaded Car Showroom at the weekend to face the equally dreaded  – and condescending Car Salesman!

There was only one model which had any remote possibility of being any good!

Me – ever optimistic “I’d like a sunroof”

Salesman:  “That’s extra”

Me:  “I need height adjustable seats”

Salesman:  “That’s extra”

Me:  “Where’s the spare wheel?”

Salesman:  “There isn’t one – we give you a repair kit”

Me: “I DO NOT DO Tyre Maintenance”

Salesman: “Well a spare wheel is extra!”

Having established that just about everything on the car was “Extra” – apart from 4 wheels, an engine of sorts and some basic body work – we moved to more in depth discussions:

Me:  “Do I have to have seven seats – it does seem rather too many”

Salesman: “Five seats is extra”

Me: “How can it be extra to have less seats?”

Salesman – Rather too triumphantly for my liking:

“Five seats is a special and so – is extra”

At this point I withdrew!!  Before I screamed!

Needless to say I will NOT be buying one of his cars!


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