The week of The Major’s birthday!

It’s been a week of mixed fortunes!  The weather, of course, has continued to be atrocious!

Thursday was The Major’s birthday.  I shot off to work at an early hour – arriving at  my destination just after 8.00 –  severely unnerving a member of my staff who thought I had arrived early with the specific mission to make him redundant (it was his first day back after a long holiday)!

I missed Terry’s broadcast wishing Major Dickie a Happy Birthday (we listened to it later!).

The actual aim of my early arrival was to enable me to beat an early retreat as we were destined for a night out at The Mill at Sonning – dinner and a play – with our neighbours.

I set out on to the M4 in good measure with plenty of time to reach home, collect the theatre party and set out for our evening of fun.  One hour later I had actually achieved approximately 8 miles!  I always appreciate those vehicles who seemed to feel it is important to redesign the central reservation and provide other motorists a golden opportunity to gaze at their efforts and the surrounding countryside!  (I hasten to add I don’t believe anyone was badly hurt in this encounter).  I believe Hellen Bach and Tudor Raincoat (Togs of great renown and the organisers of Charity Goods where lots of Toggy items can be purchased) were somewhere in the queue as they kindly phoned the Travel Line on Ratio 2 – Thank you for your update!

Phone calls back to base (using my Bluetooth device – Tansy is a good girl and only ever phones using this) established that Plan B had to be put into operation as the rendezvous would never be achieved.  The remainder of the party – including The Major – were therefore left to make their own way to The Mill and I would meet them there.   Eventually I cleared the area!  Reading loomed and I made for Sonning – only to be stuck again!  By the time I reached The Mill I was rather frazzled.  Still I made it with a couple of minutes to our deadline of 6.30!!  So a result!

Dinner at The Mill is a very well organised business.  The trick is to be first in the queue (hence the need to get there for 6.30) for although your table is booked you have to queue (sort of canteen style) for your main course.  Three choices – Steak and Kidney Pie, Chicken in lemon or a Pork Casserole – were on offer.

The Play – Plaza Suite by Neil Simon – was brilliant.  I thoroughly recommend it.  Very funny and brilliantly acted.

The Major likes his socks by the way!!


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