Sun, Swimming Pool Maintenance and a walk in the dark!

Summer has arrived.  A bit late but here at last!  To celebrate The Major and I gave the swimming pool a little clean up.  Actually The Major did most of the work – well it is man’s work.

We have found a species of Algae which should be manufactured as a glue.  Despite copious amounts of Algae Erase and other exciting chemicals to force the stuff to let go we still have large patches on the walls!  Brushing makes no difference.  But we have two secret weapons now.  We crept up on it – hoping to take it unawares – and attacked with a wire brush and a sort of pumice stone device.  It gave up the fight and let go – but only in small sections.  We didn’t swim – we were too exhausted.

Night fell and The Major marched us out on some night time reconnoitring.  Photography by moonlight was the aim!  We found ourselves involved with some combine harvesting activity by headlights.  We got so involved we ended up having to jump for cover into a hedge as a tractor descended on us at speed.  Very undignified but undamaged!

Actually it was very pleasant out in the moonlight.  A Barn Owl thought so too and sat on a fence post watching us watching it!  Aah!


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