Another Close Encounter with The Dentist

Bright eyed and bushy tailed I spent an eventful hour in the Dentist’s Chair at 9.00am this morning.  Actually I think on points The Dentist came out best from the encounter.  Financially – definitely.  Pain-wise – also definitely.  Root fillings are not a fun thing to embark on but – I suppose – necessary.  So tonight I may not have toothache but boy do I have jaw pain.  I feel as though someone has given me a hefty belt with a hammer!  Tansy is not a happy bunny!

Talking of bunnies.  One of our neighbours came across a Mixi-bunny (myxomatosis),  just after I had returned from my dental onslaught!   Being a kind soul she didn’t want it to continue to suffer.  Despatch was the only answer.  Despatch was NOT on her agenda!   So I then found myself ploughing round the undergrowth of her garden in order to carry out the deed – which I duly did!  With the use of one well aimed airgun pellet – such are the trials and tribulations of life in this neck of the woods!

I am now curled up on the sofa watching my second cookery programme of the evening – The Restaurant.

Earlier there was MasterChef The Professionals – which at least had the merit of having eliminated those contestants in danger of killing off their clientele and is now down to those chaps who can cook.

Not so The Restaurant – it appears that the main criteria for this lot of participants is their complete inability to produce food for anyone to eat and their ability to argue with each other at every opportunity! All rather worrying really!

Given this is the second series I am surprised that  the contestants didn’t do their homework and really ensure they knew how to deal with the challenges they were about to face and have spent some time working on the skills they were going to need to demonstrate!  But Hey – who am I to judge!!


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