Memory Lane and Listen With Mother

Ah Memories , memories and Listen With Mother.   This  trip down memory lane was triggered by Thought For the Day this morning on Radio 2.

My Dad – Lord Moor Common – taught me the top half of the Faure- Dolly Suite – Berceuse duet when I was about 12 and used to play it with me.  Happy Days!  Good on the piano was my dear Dad – he’s stopped playing now as he has got too deaf and he says his digital hearing aid distorts the sound so much that music has ceased to be a pleasure.  This is sad for him as music really was his life.  His piano playing was part and parcel of my childhood.  It’s brilliant that we have managed to capture it all on CD.  He made two CDs about 10 years ago before his hearing deteriorated – See his website.

And the sun is shining again today!  And I am still resting after my dental encounter.  The hamster look is not one I’d go for by choice – however it is receding!  Food could be on the agenda today!


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