More on the Restaurant – but can we take any more?

Since The Restaurant fell into the schedules, I have taken to shouting at the Telly!
I am not sure if The Major and I can take much more – and the space behind our sofa is too small for both of us!
The ‘chefs’ aren’t doing too badly – it’s their front of house partners who seem to be inhabiting a different planet to the rest of us! Those poor Oxford Dons must have wondered what hit them.
Jugglers! Snuff ! Never mind the late food – which of course we could have all predicted.
Still at least The father and daughter partnership were put out of their misery – and ours – last night.
But roll on next week – just to hear Raymond saying naughty English words with his ever stronger French Accent! Tut tut Raymond – “Bollocks” indeed!


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