A slight case of Crab Apple Jelly and M4 Jams!

Lots of activity in the Whitebytts kitchen last weekend. Having raided the local crab apple tree and also stripped a bush or two of Rose Hips it was action stations. The Major was away on manoeuvres which left the coast clear for a good bit of domestic activity. Success! The Crab Apple and Rose Hip jelly turned out a good rose-pink colour, clear and set to perfection. Stunned by this success I made a second raid on the tree and also found some sloes (rare this year in our area). More hubble-bubble and with the addition of some Rosemary and a pint of cider vinegar another batch of jelly was created!

Crab Apple Jelly jars

Crab Apple Jelly jars

I am going to sell some at my forthcoming “Tea For Tribes” which we are going to be doing in a couple of weeks in aid of Survival International.

Thursday was a disaster on the roads. I do wish my fellow travellers would stay upright and on their wheels. Vehicles do not go well on their sides – especially lorries! Chaos ensued and yours truly took over 2 hours to get to work. I hadn’t realised Reading was such a large place. Given the slow speed I negotiated my way through it on that morning I had plenty of time to appreciate it to the full. I am sure there are various Togs in Reading who I could have visited had I but known their location!

The Major returned from his encampment at the start of the week and today was determined to join in the jelly making exercise so a further raid on the tree was made. More Rose Hips were also collected. All went well until the washing up stage this evening. The trusty dishwasher was loaded and we settled down to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

Then Pow! Out went all the lights and the TV – major loss of power to the Whitebytts establishment. Further investigation – with the means of the torch – finally tracked the problem down to the dishwasher. Actually we were now paddling. Once switched off, the Trip Switch allowed us to have our power back. Now the main hitch is that we inhabit the 1st floor of the joint venture which comprises Lord Moor Common’s residence and our own. Was Lord Moor Common now under water? Or at the very least experiencing an unwelcome shower?

The Major despatched me to investigate! The Lord was unperturbed and – fortunately – dry! He is a doughty 99 year old!

We ate supper. The Major’s philosophy of always march (or in this case mop) on a full stomach is a good one. We watched the tale end of Strictly.
We mopped. We mopped some more. We emptied the dishwasher. We mopped. We unblocked the blockage. We mopped. It was really exciting – if you happen to like that sort of thing.

I really enjoy a quiet Saturday night in!


2 Responses

  1. […] Tansy Whitebytts has been industriously making Jellies to sell at her event. The Crab Apple and Rose Hip Jelly sounds delicious! […]

  2. Great to hear that Tea for Tribes will be taking place at the Whitebytts! Crab Apple and Rose Hip jelly is so far the most intriguing concoction that we have heard of for the festivities.

    Let us know how it goes.

    All others interested, check out the details at:

    Thanks and good luck!

    Survival International

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