Edible Candy Underwear

I have just received one of those ‘excellent’ catalogues full of items and gadgets indispensible to modern life!
A whole mass of splendid kitchen gadgets , writing and gardening implements and other paraphernalia greeted me !
But – Oh no – I hadn’t realised what a complete failure my life has been!
I have failed to buy Major Dickie socks with the days of the week on.
We don’t own a set of battery powered, floating bath lights.
But worst of all – We have never considered: EDIBLE CANDY UNDERWEAR!
The offer includes:
A set of Candy Tassels – which – from the picture – don’t appear to cover any credentials at all
A Candy Thong ….. ?????
And …….. The ultimate in male apparel – A Candy Posing Pouch.
According to the blurb – all of them edible!!
I have to say I am tempted!!
I could get a set for your underlings if you wish. The description claims “One size fits most!”


One Response

  1. It’s too late for The Major’s birthday this year, but will a chocolate thong be in his stocking along, with other bits and bobs, at Christmas??

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