Crab Apple Jelly recipe (with or without rose hips or sloes)

I appear to be getting lots of hits on this stunning blog by people in search of a recipe. So here it is:

Pick several pounds of crab apples.
Rose hips and/or sloes (a handful or two is ideal)

Cover with water and boil until all the fruit collapses. Mash down and if you feel more goodness is still held in the fruit then add some more water to get the most from the fruit.
Squeeze through a sieve.
Pour resultant liquid into a jelly bag over a large basin. Leave to drip through overnight. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BAG.
Measure out the resultant liquid and for every pint of liquid add 1 pound sugar.
Bring to the boil and boil until a set has been achieved.
Pour into pre-heated jars.
And in answer to the query on “How do you know when it’s set?” – Pour a little on to a saucer and allow to cool (putting it in the freezer for about 2 minutes cools it fairly quickly) – run a finger through the liquid and if it parts and stays parted and ‘crinkles up’ then it is set – ie it behaves like a set jelly!

That’s it. If you want to add a bit of extra ‘spice’ add a handful of fresh rosemary when boiling up the fruit.
When you add the sugar also add a pint of cider or white wine vinegar.
Boil as above.
Add a small sprig of fresh rosemary to each jar.

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