The joy of blocked drains!

As those of my readers from the UK know today was Wet, Cold, Miserable, Cold and generally horrible. So today we discovered that my father – Lord Moor Common – had a blocked drain from his kitchen!

A very understated activity called Drain Clearance was then embarked on by Major Dickie, ably assisted by me!

The pipe leaving the kitchen was well and truly blocked. The next section underground was – well and truly blocked. The third section from Manhole 2 to Manhole 3 – was – yes you’ve guessed it – blocked! The last part was – at this stage of the proceedings – clear!

We dug out Manhole 2 which had collapsed. We pushed drain rods up and down various sections. We poked the hose down lengths of underground pipework and eventually we lay on the ground and – with bare hands dug out the congealed waste from other sections.

I have to say there are better ways of spending a cold, wet Sunday afternoon! Having spent over two hours getting covered in smelly gungey waste we had achieved a certain amount of success with all the blocked sections virtually clear – only to find the last section was now blocked !

We left the garden looking as if it had been used for trench warfare and retreated indoors.

My brother can play tomorrow – I am going to work – which, after today, is an activity I think I prefer!


Cars – Damn it!

I’m being wooed and lured! 1st by Nissan and their Qashqai – which was lovely to drive but has a few irritating features – namely the back seats don’t fold flat. And now Ford have leapt into the fray and are attempting to seduce me into a Kuga! It’s all getting quite exciting in a strange sort of way. It won’t be so thrilling when I have to part with the old readies! But I am ready to beat down all offers!

Why do salesmen always ask me what I am expecting to pay! As little as possible – obviously!

The Togs Voyage – a few lines for Lynn


On to the Victoria went our own dear Lynn
In search of the Togs and maybe some sin
She found the Engineer’s garments – and donned a disguise
And the sight of his pistons – brought tears to her eyes!

Hole in the Wall – help!!!


It’s time to put me down
I’ve started watching Hole in the Wall! And I – almost – find it amusing!
Bring on the Death Squad!

I still haven’t found a new car!

Trying to buy a new car these days is a nightmare.

Why does every car I look at offer 7 seats? I don’t want 7 seats! 5 is more than enough.

And why when I walk into a salesroom does the patronising salesman look me up and down (all 5’ 2” of me)  and behave as if I probably only potter between the shops and home and only want a run around. This does not put me in a good mood!

I do between 30 and 40 THOUSAND miles a year. All I want is a car which gives me what my current Scenic gives me – with a few modern extras. I don’t want wipers that come on automatically. I don’t want lights which switch on and off without intervention. I do want a sunroof. I do want a spare wheel. I do want a handbrake – and I don’t want 7 seats! Oh and I do want a good mpg!

This combination seems nigh impossible to find.

Still onward and upward as they say!

Rant over!!

I’m Worried – have we missed a bad news day?


What did we miss?
Whilst the country has been consumed with waltzes, foxtrots and tangos – Not to mention the plight of Sparrows!
What Bad News has the Government released and conveniently buried whilst we’ve had our eyes – and ears diverted?
It’s VERY, VERY worrying!

Terry to take over from John Sergeant!!!


So Brucey wants you to be parachuted in to Strictly after the departure of You Know Who!
Well – I for one don’t think your knees are up to it – and those lifts could be the undoing of you.
In My Humble Opinion I think Boggy would be the answer.

A quick Sailors’ HornPipe would soon split the judges and that fickle finger of fate – which is the Public Vote and with luck – we could have another debacle on our hands!