Brrr! A chill in the air and on the airwaves!

What a week. What with the fallout on Radio 2 of various presenters and the snow on Wednesday a certain chill in the air in more ways than one!
Not to mention Bill and Kate chasing around after the wildlife..
Roller Pigeons on the roof
The snow on Wednesday fell in a huge lump onto our garden ! The raspberry frame – already suffering a certain amount of age –related damage and wear and tear, gave up the will to live and collapsed – in a flat-pack sort of way! I suppose disposal will be easier now the whole thing is on the ground!
The chickens sulked in their palatial home and refused to come out – demanding their daily rations from the comfort of their coop.
Only the pigeons seemed happy. The whole lot came out and flew around for hours before messing about in the snow on the roof!


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