I still haven’t found a new car!

Trying to buy a new car these days is a nightmare.

Why does every car I look at offer 7 seats? I don’t want 7 seats! 5 is more than enough.

And why when I walk into a salesroom does the patronising salesman look me up and down (all 5’ 2” of me)  and behave as if I probably only potter between the shops and home and only want a run around. This does not put me in a good mood!

I do between 30 and 40 THOUSAND miles a year. All I want is a car which gives me what my current Scenic gives me – with a few modern extras. I don’t want wipers that come on automatically. I don’t want lights which switch on and off without intervention. I do want a sunroof. I do want a spare wheel. I do want a handbrake – and I don’t want 7 seats! Oh and I do want a good mpg!

This combination seems nigh impossible to find.

Still onward and upward as they say!

Rant over!!


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