The joy of blocked drains!

As those of my readers from the UK know today was Wet, Cold, Miserable, Cold and generally horrible. So today we discovered that my father – Lord Moor Common – had a blocked drain from his kitchen!

A very understated activity called Drain Clearance was then embarked on by Major Dickie, ably assisted by me!

The pipe leaving the kitchen was well and truly blocked. The next section underground was – well and truly blocked. The third section from Manhole 2 to Manhole 3 – was – yes you’ve guessed it – blocked! The last part was – at this stage of the proceedings – clear!

We dug out Manhole 2 which had collapsed. We pushed drain rods up and down various sections. We poked the hose down lengths of underground pipework and eventually we lay on the ground and – with bare hands dug out the congealed waste from other sections.

I have to say there are better ways of spending a cold, wet Sunday afternoon! Having spent over two hours getting covered in smelly gungey waste we had achieved a certain amount of success with all the blocked sections virtually clear – only to find the last section was now blocked !

We left the garden looking as if it had been used for trench warfare and retreated indoors.

My brother can play tomorrow – I am going to work – which, after today, is an activity I think I prefer!


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