Today’s news: “Alcohol marinade for steak reduces cancer risk”

Partly published in TW’s column in the Sunday Telegraph!!

So less than a week after we have been told that drinking a glass of wine a day is a sure fire way to speed up our departure from this planet we are now told by “Researchers” that we should marinade our steaks in beer or wine!
So that’s where we’ve all been going wrong – we’re not supposed to drink the stuff at all! Just swill the steak in it and then consume the gravy!
But didn’t someone tell us that eating red meat was a ‘sure fire way to………….!!!
It’s all too much. I can’t cope. I’m going back to bed to bury my head under a pillow.
Bring on 2009 and some sanity!


A little ditty to the happenings of 2008


Boris hit the headlines
and bendy-buses cringed in fear!
RouteMaster owners perked up with glee
They could be back within a year!

That pesky Hadron Collider
Brought dread to many a nation.
But its failure to create a new black hole
Barely got a mention!

THAT election finally happened
They’d been canvassing for years!
Ms Palin didn’t catch the eye –
Obama got all the cheers!

John Sergeant stomped across the floor
Causing angst amongst those that judge
As the public voted for him in droves
They yelled “For God’s sake DANCE – don’t trudge!”

The fight for Christmas Number One –
Went to a Hallelujah chorus
but us Togs had a different choice
The one Terry recorded – forus!

So that’s the year – it’s been and gone
Through dungeon, FIRE and snow
Maybe next year we’ll will at Eurovision
But there again – maybe No!

We came through unscathed!


Welcome back from your Christmas break!

Having taken due notice of the ‘Elf and Safety brigade and the latest warning that drinking a glass of wine a day is the sure-fire way to an early death, The Major and I took to swigging the stuff straight from the bottle thus avoiding the ‘glass’ altogether.

So – we were Health Safe and also left with less washing up!!

A result in anyone’s book!

Season’s Greetings to all Building Surveyors

Especially the one who will be visiting the Whitebytts abode on Monday to decide if the large gap which has just appeared between a substantial beam and the wall is dangerous or not.

I hope he/she has a wonderful, restful Christmas and is wide-eyed and bushy tailed on Monday.

In the meantime, my earnest hope is that the roof doesn’t cave in over the next few days!! ???

Ooh- err

It’s just a little bit scarey

So if you don’t hear from me again. I just may be fighting my way out from a mass of roof-tiles…………….

I wonder if roof dust goes well with turkey.

Could be good as gravy thickening???? ;D

Tansy gets her new car!

So I’m “Queen of the Road” in my Ford Kuga!

Actually I look more like a gangster as it has blacked out windows at the back!

Haven’t got a new Togs sticker yet – that will be a must after Christmas.

I felt very miserable saying goodbye to my Scenic. It had been a trusty companion these last five and a half years (and 164,000 miles) and it looked so forlorn and lost when I left it. I hope it finds a new home where it will be happy!

Global Warming solution!

Great News about Global Warming.
It just goes to show how every little gesture helps!
Only last month, Major Dickie changed the light bulbs in the kitchen for those Low Energy ones AND Bingo Global Warming vanishes and we experience the coldest December for decades.
But please can we now go back to normal bulbs – the kitchen has been in semi gloom for weeks and if I thwack my shins on the open door of the dishwasher once more there could be trouble……

Norfolk Roundup!

So we’ve had an excellent week in North Norfolk. Good weather and some very good walks. We’ve done the rounds of all the good birding places (Cley, Titchwell and Blakeney and seen lots of Brent Geese, Lapwings, Golden Plover, Widgeon, Shelduck and Teal.
We had hoped to catch sight of Snow Bunting or Waxwing but no such luck. Still there’s always a next time.
We stayed in an excellent cottage which The Major found through Blakeney Boltholes. Very well appointed and also the bonus of a wood burning stove. Not to mention the wifi access!

So toodle pip to Norfolk for now!