DIY or Destroy it Yourself

Last night – while Major Dickie was out – I inadvertantly flat-packed one of the kitchen drawers.
In a brave and fool-hardy attempt to cover up the damage I tried to mend it with super-glue.
As I took the lid off the superglue – the tube broke covering my hands with glue.
I struggled to the sink ā€“ stepping on the broken drawer as I went ā€“ and inflicting more damage on the remains. Fortunately I managed to get my hands into a bowl of water before I glued my fingers together.
I then resorted to a bottle of nail varnish remover to get the now solid superglue off my skin and in so doing removed all the expensive nail varnish I had paid to have put on – only the other day.
At this point I gave up!
When the Major got home he asked if I had had a good evening.
Riveting I replied!
Iā€™m off to work now. Work is a haven compared to my home life!!


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