January 2009 roundup!

Well it’s been an interesting month on the blogging and broadcast achievement front.

Tansy’s success on national radio reached a record for this month with  18 successes.  Don’t ask me how!   It’s an up and down business!

The discovery of AlphaInventions has done the blog a great deal of good!  Best day ever was over 1800 hits – that means there are even more confused people out there wondering what on earth this is all about.

Unless of course you are a Tog.  What is a Tog?  – come and discover deeper inside here!   I say no more!


Diary Update

Well my site is  definitely getting a lot more hits and comments now that I link to Alphainventions.  I wonder how long it will last?

Great fun!!

So come and have a read!

MasterChef – the Contestants dream


I wish I could win at MasterChef, – I wish I was that good.
I wish I could win at MasterChef, – turning out “Exceptional plates of food”

I wish I could win at MasterChef, – I wish I was that clever
I wish I could win at MasterChef – so my life would “Change forever”!

I’d quit my current employment – “Well it was going down the drain”
And I’d join the other winners – who have NEVER been seen again!

Impossible Recall


Ploughing my way through all the ‘Exciting’ Quiz shows yesterday afternoon I discovered you appear to have competition for the 5.00pm slot with t’other side – that Jasper Carrott’s Golden Balls – a worrying concept at the best of times!

And actually completely Impossible to understand – whereas your effort is just

Impossible to Recall !!

Ladybird attack


Have you ever stopped to wonder at the proliferation of Ladybirds (the insect rather than any racey human alternative) and how they appear to be infesting our abodes.

I hadn’t until the depths of last night when I felt something crawling up my thigh

This woke me with a start – I knew it couldn’t be Major Dickie as he is away at the moment.

I threw off the bedclothes and in the dim light of our energy efficient bedside lamp I discovered the small insect

Fair gave me a turn I can tell you.

Not the sort of thing a sensitive bird like me needs.


So it appears my Words of Wisdom Drivel found favour this morning with Sir as he read two out!


Panic Not! Exercise times have been reduced!

According to today’s Telegraph (other newspapers are available) – Research Scientists have found that 30 seconds intensive exercise a day is all that’s needed to stay trim!

Well! All I can say is if that’s all the effort Major Dickie thinks he has to make he is sorely mistaken.