Helford River, Cornwall and The Jetty Issue

Well my ‘vote’ is with the fishermen. If they need a new jetty – and it’s clear they do – and the Council has given the OK – then they should have one.

Any ‘second-home owner’ who objects should be ashamed. Come on everyone it’s a jetty , that’s all. Get a sense of proportion. Tourists will still come to the village. It’s not going to be obliterated under a mass of concrete. The tourist industry will not be affected.

The fishing industry however, needs all the help it can get and a jetty seems so little to ask.


3 Responses

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  2. What on earth are they thinking of.
    For the second home owners to object to a jetty is a utterly stupid thing to say.
    To also to say it will ruin the area is another.
    Not only will it benefit the fishermen and locals but think of all the holiday makers that like nothing more than sitting on the end of a jetty watching the world go by and indeed all the kids having hours of fun with a bit of string and a bucket just crabbing.
    If the second home owners don’t know what crabbing is I’m sure one of us peasants can tell them.
    Indeed this could be the problem do they want to stop any more tourist seeing and enjoying what they have been lucky enough to have the money to buy into, be it only for a very short time of the year.
    Now come on there you may have more money than us but please stop telling us how to do things in our county and remember we have to make a living to.

  3. I’m with the fishermen on this one. The jetty will be no more than a strip of concrete along the shoreline extending an existing one towards the mouth of the inlet, ie towards the sea from the Shipwrights pub. This actually goes away from residences not to them. As for the contention about car parking, there will be none required as vehicles need to get away from the area asap to customers, as they do at the moment. What the 2nd homeowners won’t tell you, and I have this from the horse’s mouth, is their concerns are more with being woken early in the morning by returning boats. Which is a nonsense too as the fishermen’s routines are governed by tide height, therefore return times are entirely variable through 24 hours.

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