EU’s new Gender Neutral Language….


I see from today’s Daily Telegraph (other newspapers are available) that the EU is spreading its wings.
Not content with decreeing on the shape of bananas it has now issued guidance on the new “Gender Neutral language”
So out goes Miss and Mrs, Madame and Madamoiselle along with ‘man-made’ and “sportsman”
This – of course – now poses you with a problem. We obviously can no longer refer to you as Sir or – for that matter to your good wife as Lady.
Perhaps an amalgamation of your titles would be the answer:
“Sady” – doesn’t really have a good ring to it
Or maybe “Sirly” – still not very kind – unless you’ve had a bad journey into work!
I know – how about “Silly” !

Tansy (formerly known as Mrs d’whitebytts)


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