Now we’re told gardening is dangerous

Good Morning “Sirly” Terry

So another day for the gloom mongers.

Not content with yet another reminder that drinking  wine is a killer – liver disease this week –  (unless of course we are indulging on a week when it’s good for us)

Now – NOW – just when Spring has sprung and our thoughts turn to a potter round the veg patch  for some light weeding and – perhaps – a little sewing of the odd seed – Now we are told that Gardening is as dangerous as Rugby.

Well  I for one have no intention of tearing about my garden lobbing weeds into the air and then fighting Major Dickie to the ground for the honour of catching them– a more pointless exercise I cannot think of!

But the thought of launching myself into the  shrubbery with the Major in hot pursuit – now that’s another matter altogether………….


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