I am no longer a “Spa Virgin”

I am no longer a “Spa Virgin”!! My sister-in-law – Gertha Loins – took me off to the Celtic Manor spa for the day ! What fun! I had a Hot Stone Massage and a very speedy Facial! And then spent cash on some Leighton Denny nail care products. Amazing how one is lured into spend mode when relaxed and at ease with life!

The Hot Stone Massage was very therapeutic though no-one appeared to take any notice of my claim to be stressed beyond endurance and not sleeping!! Hey Ho – I am sure you fill in the cards just to keep you occupied on arrival!

As I have nothing to compare the experience with I rely on Gertha for her assessment of the day! She tells me that other spas are more attentive .

Well in this I do agree as the relaxing area was cold, they kept running out of tea and water and the towels were threadbare and the gowns a little tired looking!

The nail care products are brilliant -definitely recommended by Tansy!!

I am a convert to the spa experience and hope to be spa’d over again soon!


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