Expenses Claim for refurbishing the Chicken Coop

Given the current climate – do you think the Tax Authorities will permit my expenses claim for the refurbishment of the Chicken Coop as a 2nd home – as Major Dickie is currently residing in it!

I’d also like to claim for extra straw for bedding and an allowance for a primus stove!

I am relying on the inclement weather to keep the hosepipe ban at bay or his washing arrangements could become somewhat difficult – but I WON’T be claiming for the cost of a new bath plug – I have my pride!


One Response

  1. Based on past precedent, I believe you would be able to justify such an expense in line with the criteria that such costs must be “wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred from the purpose of performing your Parliamentary duties”. Good luck. If caught, don’t worry about paying any money back, just sound indignant, hurt and aggressive.

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