Hornet Attack!!

There’s something unnerving in a hornet
Viewed from a range of two feet
It’s the look in its eye of pure anger
Which brings fear and a wish to retreat!

The sky turned black as it launched its attack
Its body eclipsing the sun
And that syringe in its tail would make anyone pale
And I knew I was finally done!

I tried luring it into the hallway
In the hope it would leave by the door
But it soon spotted this devious manoeuvre
And buzzed round my head even more.

I’ve survived encounters with lions
Grisly Bears – just want a hug
But this has a look of pure venom
With the hatred of an overgrown thug

So as I hide here – shut in the closet
I have the airgun beside me – all ready
I will fight to the end – that’s a promise
Let’s just hope I can keep my aim steady!



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