What we need is a sacrifice to improve this summer

Bahh Humbug
What we need is a Sacrificial Lamb
No – wait a minute – a Sacrificial Bar-b-Que!
Roast Leg of “ Long-Term Weather Forecaster” anyone?


Hey Ho – Mildest – I mean Wildest Dreams


Another yawning episode of “Mildest Dreams” and those lovely unexciting contestants wanting to be wildlife film makers.

And what a fuss. Pull yourself together lads. So what if a few killer were bees buzzing around. The contestants were covered up like Egyptian Mummies!

And finally in desperation we hoped for a bit of tension.

That moment when the ‘ head judge’ sends one contestant home –
No – he bottled it and kept them all !

Bring in Alan Sugar I say!

Desperate Romances – or just Desperate Lighting !


So Not so much a case of Pre-Raphaelite more a case of Pre-Any-Light!

The entire Desperate Romantics jaunt appears to have been filmed in the dark

I know the BBC is renowned for its Good Husbandry but come on – there’s no need to resort to such “Desperate Lighting” – I’d be happy to supply the odd quid for the meter if it helps!

Deadly’s quiz


Well – what a night – what drama – what tension!
Deadly in top form keeping control of the unruly TOG mob!
One team lead from the start – thanks in no small part to that renowned TOG – Sir Blimey Windy!
And which team romped home the winners?
The nation waits with baited breath
Tansy’s Windy Troupe – that’s who!
And Children in Need won too with lots more loot for the coffers!

Deadly’s Quiz at Roke

What Fun!

Good old Deadly was on Sparkling Form and, at Phil Occifer’s suggestion, Sir Blimey Windy joined the team.

The result was the creation of “Tansy’s Windy Troupe” – an unbeatable combination. We romped home in first place. A definite first for Tansy and most of the other members!

Sir Blimey definitely brought the required level of quiz brain cells to the party!

Good provender too!

Deadly Quiz

So today’s the day and we’re off to Roke
To answer questions with other Toggy Folk
And to make the evening run with some Fizz
Deadly’ll be there to run the Quiz
It’ll be such fun and yes indeed
We’ll be boosting the funds of Children in Need

Swine Flu and the train drivers

I read yesterday that the train drivers are concerned that in the case of Swine Flu hitting the rail network they could be asked to “Work From Home”!!!

Difficult – yes – but not impossible….

The passengers could always pop round and line up chairs behind the driver and make train noises.

“diddly dum, diddly dee”, “diddly dum, diddly dee”
“Whoo, Whoo”

What Fun!!