Zombies to take over the world

If I was a little Zombie – I’d change the world when I took over
I’d say “Let’s all drink too much and try never to stay sober”!
I’d kill off those researchers who confuse us and conflict
Who stop us from enjoying life with the doom that they predict!
I’d stop all the wind farms – which fail on windless days
And announce that global warming is just an irritating faze!
I’d fire the ‘Elf and Safety men – and walk backwards if I choose
And grin – at Her Majesty – I’d not have much to lose!
And if I fell and hurt myself I really wouldn’t sue
I’d leave those ambulance chasers with nothing left to do.
I’d do away with the “Nanny State” and the bureaucratic horror
And wander round singing silly songs and forget about tomorra’ !
I’d eat all those processed foods which I’m told are really bad
And live to be a hundred – just like m’ dear old Dad!
Then I’d potter in my garden and watch the flowers grow
What a great life – we’d all have – being Zombies – “Don’t you know”!


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