Brilliant Heading in today’s Daily telegraph:


Headline of the week!!

“My Affairs with two judges didn’t affect our briefs”

Well – I don’t know whether to be sad for them  or pleased!!!


The restaurant – latest series – Le pauvre Raymond

Is it me?

My ‘eart bleeds for le pauvre Raymond !

If those  9 couples were the best from thousands of applicants – Wot in ‘eavens name were the rest like!

Even Inspector Barnaby would have been terrified by the knife wielding pair trying to wrestle that coconut to death!

Not to mention their tin opening skills.  Never had a knife and rolling pin been put to such hair-raising endeavours!

Hadn’t they ever come across that  basic  piece of culinary equipment – The Tin Opener!

“Attention mon pauvre Raymond –   Don’t do it!  You ‘ave a good life!  You do not need to go into business with ANY of them”

The look of desperation on the poor man’s face said it all!

Now it’s Teapots they’re researching!!


So  Scientists have found that a little butter applied to the spout of a teapot can stop it dribbling!!!

Please could they extend their efforts to find a way to stop me having the same problem!

I  have tried  applying a little butter to the corners of my mouth – but I keep licking it off.

The Result is   –   I dribble even more !

I consider their research is flawed!!

good old Midsomer Massacres

Phew!  What a night!

Another good crop of bodies – which I find SO re-assuring!  It would be such a let down if there hadn’t been.

Mark you I do find it odd that so many mass murderers live in Midsomer!

Personally I also think they missed a trick.  If Cully had found the second  body  rather than Mrs Barnaby then at long last we could have had the answer to the immortal question:

“Hello Cully what are you doing here?”

Ray Mears – the Country Needs You

So where’s Ray Mears when we need him?

Here we are being bombarded by squadrons of Ladybirds and not a single recipe from dear Ray on how to cook them!

Where is the advice on how long to fry them ?

Should they be lightly tossed in a little butter or deep fried?

(A little butter with a dusting of pepper sounds tempting – but I could be SO wrong)

These are important questions we need to know.  And where is he?   – off in Canada somewhere!!

Typical !!

Ladybirds – a solution

What is your view on substituting Ladybirds for Crushed Nuts.

The thing is I can’t –just now – lay my hands on any nuts – crushed or otherwise but I have just been invaded by several squadrons of Ladybirds and it seems a shame to waste them!

What do you think?

Would it work.  Would I get the desired result?

Tricky – perhaps I need to ask Gregg or Michel

Today Tansy’s Dad has made it to 100 !!

Today is the 100th birthday of Tansy’s  Dad – Dudley Steynor (or –as  he’s  affectionally  known:

Lord Moor Common of Lane End !!)

Lots  of surprises have been lined up  for him around lunch time today – so Lane End – Look Out!

The Steam Roller he owned in the ‘60s will be on show –   and – weather permitting –

Some aerial activity laid on by Wycombe Air Park in recognition of his efforts there as a flying instructor during the War.

So fingers crossed that the sun will come out and he enjoys his day!