Hornets…. again

What is it that gets into a Hornet.  The rest of the buzzy,  stingy brigade do the decent thing and go home when the sun goes down, to recoup their resources for another day of hostilities when the sun reappears.

Not the Hornet!

Oh no!

The hornet is made of much sterner stuff.

Just when I thought it was safe to open the kitchen window to let out the smoke from my burnt supper, they launched a night-time raid and zoomed in with all guns blazing and a rage to match any worn out 4 year old who is in need of his bed.

Why do  they need to be so cross – and so tenacious –  it’s beyond me

And no doubt with this Global Warming thing now – they’ll be a lot more of them.  You have been warned – or should that be Warmed!!


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