RIP Lord Moor Common

Lord Moor Common passed away peacefully at 4.40am on Friday 4 December 2009.  Tansy and her two brothers were at his bedside.

He had had a full and wonderful life – all 100 years of it –  and will be greatly missed.  His wonderful sense of humour stayed with him to the end.

Although terribly sad and upset at his passing I and my brothers knew he had had enough.  He had been saying so for the last few weeks.  His goal was to reach his centenary and he achieved it.  A full account of the stupendous celebration can be found through his website and following the links to his blog.

So God bless you Lord Moor Common and Lady Moor Common too (who passed away 13 years ago).  Now you are together.  You were a splendid partnership and wonderful parents.  It was (as their youngest granddaughter said  yesterday) a privilege to know you!



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  1. Dear Tansy, I’m glad that we were there with you at the service last Friday. What a lovely way to send your Dad off! I hope that you’re managing to cope….
    Love, hugs & kisses – Jeanette

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