Huh- this snow is a bit much!

What an exciting trip home I had last night.  All 10 hours of it!  Some of which I spent at Reading Service Station (east bound).

I struck up a very jolly friendship with a fellow traveller.  We discussed marital problems and generally put the world to rights before going our separate ways a few hours later.  No idea of his name!  But it does restore one’s faith in life to able to laugh with another member of the human race for a few short hours.

Then at 12.50am I decamped and made another attempt to reach Whitebytts residence – even knowing that “No Power” awaited me.

Success – I battled through snow and ice, up hill and down dale, and reached home by 2.00am.

It was at this point that my remaining, frazzled brain cells packed up for the night, abdicated and generally shut down!

Faced with the external  metal staircase to my front door resembling a white slide.  Did I try and clear the steps so I could work out which bit were stairs and which bit the blank bit between.  Of course not.  No I set out.  Step one was ok, Step two as well.  Now to step 3 – with my right foot I trod firmly forward – into a gap.

Down I came twisting my knee and ending up in a crumpled heap.

I remain damaged but unbowed.

2009 has NOT been a good year for Tansy.  It has in fact been the worst year of  her entire life.

So forward.  Don’t look back and here’s to 2010!!


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