Activity for the New Year – Potholing!!!……..

Broadcast  by Ken Bruce

I have decided to try something totally new – exciting – dangerous – adventurous –  and surprising!!!

I am going to take up Potholing.

Now do you think I should start  with  the M4 or should I try out the local pot holes first.  The ones near us look fairly dangerous and  – dare I say it – Deep!!

I don’t want to fall into something I can’t handle until I have mastered some of the more basic techniques– whatever they are.

Perhaps your other listener could recommend one.


With Apologies to Lewis Carroll

“The time has come”  The Walrus said
“To seek out pastures new,
For all I loved from the Breakfast show
Has deserted Radio 2.
Now the fun and wit has gone
And  my nerves are jangled through.”

“The Togmeister was due to go
Of that I understood
But why  oh why “  The Walrus cried
“Did they throw out all the good?
I don’t  enjoy  the puerile jokes,
Even though I know I should!”

“So, though it truly saddens me  –
Radio 2 –  I am out of here”
The Walrus bowed his head  and walked,
and shed a bitter tear!
“I’m off to find a less frazzled place
To wake calm – with gentle cheer”.


Tansy is not a happy bunny

I have tried, dear reader.  I really have tried to like the new breakfast show.  But it’s no good I don’t.  The music is good but I feel frazzled listening to all the shouty, frenetic stuff in between.

The show was fine at Drive time – but please not when I am driving to work.

I really don’t need to hear about birthdays of people I don’t know.  Sadly I have never been a fan of phone-ins – mainly because most  of the people are not that interesting  – and I would include myself in that!!

I miss the poems.  I miss the innuendo.  I miss the brilliant and funny sideways looks at life and the news.  I miss the gentle humour.   Those emails which made me laugh.  And I DO NOT count any of mine in that  category. Now all we seem to get is rather ordinary, factual emails which are devoid of humour and wit!

Hey ho

A girl needs to look after herself – I shall start writing to Ken Bruce!!

Snow! Never let it be said we haven’t been warned

Given the latest dire predictions from the Met Office I fully expect to awake tomorrow in the midst of the next Ice Age.

Woolly Mammoths will be roaming outside my windows and Polar Bears will be feasting on the remaining wild life.

I fully expect to be told this is all down to Climate Change !  Odd that no one said that back in the early 1960s when we were snowed in for weeks!!!