Tansy is not a happy bunny

I have tried, dear reader.  I really have tried to like the new breakfast show.  But it’s no good I don’t.  The music is good but I feel frazzled listening to all the shouty, frenetic stuff in between.

The show was fine at Drive time – but please not when I am driving to work.

I really don’t need to hear about birthdays of people I don’t know.  Sadly I have never been a fan of phone-ins – mainly because most  of the people are not that interesting  – and I would include myself in that!!

I miss the poems.  I miss the innuendo.  I miss the brilliant and funny sideways looks at life and the news.  I miss the gentle humour.   Those emails which made me laugh.  And I DO NOT count any of mine in that  category. Now all we seem to get is rather ordinary, factual emails which are devoid of humour and wit!

Hey ho

A girl needs to look after herself – I shall start writing to Ken Bruce!!


One Response

  1. Hi Tansy

    I absolutely agree. And your contributions to the Wogan breakfast are missed too! Thank you.

    For years I have tried to come up with some witty comment, worthy of emailing off to Terry, but never remembered or found the time. I even had a pseudonym ready (Peter D’owt) – sad, I know.

    Hopefully the Sunday show will help, but the drive to work will never be the same.

    Take care
    Peter. xx

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