With Apologies to Lewis Carroll

“The time has come”  The Walrus said
“To seek out pastures new,
For all I loved from the Breakfast show
Has deserted Radio 2.
Now the fun and wit has gone
And  my nerves are jangled through.”

“The Togmeister was due to go
Of that I understood
But why  oh why “  The Walrus cried
“Did they throw out all the good?
I don’t  enjoy  the puerile jokes,
Even though I know I should!”

“So, though it truly saddens me  –
Radio 2 –  I am out of here”
The Walrus bowed his head  and walked,
and shed a bitter tear!
“I’m off to find a less frazzled place
To wake calm – with gentle cheer”.



One Response

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I have listened with joy to STW since I was getting up to try to control Rentathicko in my first job in the 1970s and I listened to him the day I drove in on my last day in the teaching racket.

    Replacing STW with the present incumbent is like swopping a silk shirt for a sandpaper vest.

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