A sunny day!!.

Broadcast – not attributed

Shame for you the weather is so good and you’re cooped up in a studio – still needs must I suppose!

I’m listening to you on my wind-up radio – in the garden



Sanex! skin care range

So what bright young thing in marketing came up with that as a product range name?

I for one can’t bring myself to buy any!   It’s the faintly medicinal and – rather sanitary – sound that puts me off!

It may be brilliant but it’s no good I can’t live with bottles bearing that name on my shelf!  It’s just too ghastly

The joys of the M4

So!  Having had weeks of road works, contra flows, speed cameras and restricted lanes, the results of their labours have now been revealed.

The joys  and comfort of travel for drivers on the M4 between Maidenhead and Reading have been greatly enhanced………

We now have a wonderfully resurfaced hard shoulder – pristine in its newness – billiard table smooth!

The actual lanes of the motorway are – by and large – as they were – patched and bumpy!

Note to self:  Must break down more often to appreciate the new facilities!!

wogan takes up Grand Prix F1

Broadcast on Weekend Wogan (not attributed)

Have my ears been deceiving me or have you taken up Grand Prix F1 driving?

The commentators have been going on and on about  someone called  SirTel all morning.

And you drove with such skill!   I can’t believe it’s the same person who drove so carefully round the Top Gear circuit a few years ago.

You’ve clearly been practising!

Well Done!