Ladies Beach Volleyball


I do hope the weather is going to be better for the Women’s beach volley ball event next year or the young ladies will be turning out in their thermals – which may not be exactly the look you’re all hoping for!


Rapturous good morning

Broadcast on Weekend Wogan

Good morning Maestro.

So you’re still here then!   Did the earth move in a rapturous way for you last night – like it clearly must have done  – for all of us.

I just wish I’d felt something!!

Anyway –  we appear to be – as it were –  here – all together!  (and I do trust you are NOT in the all together – doesn’t work on radio)

Maybe we did all experience a moment through the “Space Time Continuum”  and we’ve all entered a Parallel Universe

Not much change here then!

Wonderful to be in Rapture this morning isn’t it!

Film Title!!

Broadcast on Weekend Wogan

Queen Elizabeth to George  “One would like some fruit”

King George “No dear one would not”

The Queen “Yes one would.  One notices that there is still one piece of fruit remaining in the bowl.  Please pass it to me”!

George  “No, my dear.  It is mine”

The Queen “May we not share it”

George  “No, we may not”

Name of the Film

“The King’s Peach”