Beckhams’ daughter

Broadcast (partially!)

If it is indeed true that the Beckhams daughter was born at half-past seven – hence the name Harper Seven

All I can say is just as well she wasn’t born at Six Thirty

Sex Thirsty  could give  people the wrong of idea of the young lady in the future!


At last some sensible research – red wine is good for you!!!


According to the Daily Telegraph yesterday (other newspapers are available)  – a glass of red wine is just as good as exercise.

In fact it is a Substitute!!!

And they’re right!!

To test this new research I downed a  Very Large Glass of the stuff  last night! (Actually – more than one)   The result was a happy contented feeling, slight exhaustion and a strong desire to go to sleep  – exactly the same feelings I get after going for a bike ride!

Hoorah  – it works!