This Particle moving stuff!

Broadcast (partially!)

I don’t understand!

If it’s proved that particles can travel faster than the speed of light does that mean I will be able to get to my destination before I get there and if so will I know

I’m having enough trouble remembering where I was 2 minutes ago and why I’m where I am now.  If I’ve now got to remember where I will be I think I may end up confused.

Or is this so we can fast forward to the end of your weekly attempt at work?

Or  – even more scary – is it the reverse and I’m going to be stuck in a never ending loop of listening to your ‘humour’ !

It’s no good I’m off to lie down in a darkened room.



The satellite crashing to earth


No wonder they can’t find it – it was the one in charge of our gps systems

Mine has just told me I’ve reached my destination

Well where am I then.  I don’t recognise a thing!