BBC Cut backs


Well there’s a surprise.  You’ve survived another week despite the cut backs.  Well done!

Keep clinging to the wreckage.

Actually – good move on your part to move to Sunday.  No one of importance listens on a Sunday so ‘them’  on the 6th floor probably haven’t noticed you’re still around.

By the way – I do hope someone is listening??!!


BBC cut backs!

Broadcast (unattributed)  Weekend Wogan 2 october

Dear or dear

You’d think the BBC would have spared Strictly Come Dancing from the cut backs.

But no –  Tess Daly’s dress last night was the latest casualty  – one side of it had a large swathe of fabric  completely missing!

I do hope this is not the start of a worrying trend !  Good thing you’re on radio – keep those knees covered!