My new oven and its other possibilities


Good morning of Wise One

I’m very excited  by my new “State-of-the-art Oven – with microwave options!!”

According to the instruction manual  I appear to have purchased more than just a machine which cooks!  As I can dial up:

Basting! – could be interesting?

Grilling and basting – possibly even more exciting

Baking on more than one level – I’m not sure I understand this one!

Keep Warm – that would be nice!

Bottom heat –  the mind boggles!!!

Fast heat up ????

Hot Air – say no more!

My dilemma is which of these options should I try to change my solitary state and in which order do you think I should try them out – and – come to that –  with whom???





Good morning Oh Wise One!

I’m in need of advice

Here I am sat, sittin’ wondering how I should contact you.

Am I supposed to Tweet when I Twitter

Or Twitter when I Tweet

I need to know this before I ‘show my age’  by not getting it right!

50 shades of Beige


Now’s your chance whilst the world is enthralled in 50 shades of everything.

That golden opportunity to launch your latest Tome:

50 Shades of Beige!!

A fullsome frollic filled with innuendo and filth.  Packed to the hilt with daring-do – and, perhaps,  some daring-don’ts!

A spanking plot with suggestions on how to spice up those bedroom moments  :-

How to put more zing and zip into your cocoa!

Swinging from the rafters for the over 50s

Fashion suggestions – for those wardrobe malfunction moments.

50 ways to look sexy in a thermal vest.

The list is endless – just use your imagination and go for it!