The great storm of biblical proportions

I have done the right thing haven’t I??
I’ve just been out and fought over the dwindling supplies at the supermarket
I then spent some considerable time hunting for my hatches but in the end I think I found them (being single they haven’t been used in years)  – and I’ve now battened them –  something I found strangely moving!
Have I missed anything??

Strictly vs. Atlantis


Am I the only one to be perturbed by last night’s entertainment
First we are entertained by the Hairy Biker creating a Passo Doble which would have made the gods shudder
Only to be followed by the rather dashing ‘Jason’ swirling through the bull-ring in Atlantis with a grace that would have earned him “9s”  from all the judges – even Craig.
Can I suggest they swap – it would be far more exciting on so many fronts!!