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Present-day information on the Whitebytts family, where they live and what they get up to.

For information on previous generations of Whitebytts please click on the Whitebytts Genealogy page

Information on this page is updated on a fairly spasmodic basis – usually when Tansy remembers! But we do endeavour to keep you, the reader, up-to-date!


Tansy Whitebytts was married to Major Dickie Whitebytts – now divorced.

Major Dickie (retired from a branch of the armed forces – which he prefers not to mention) insists that those close to him refer to him as The Major.

Tansy lives in a rural area in The Chilterns between the M4 and M40.

August 2009 – Separation:
Recently Major Dickie embarked on an exploratory trip of the Upper Reaches (and sadly also the lower reaches) of the Amazon.  He has now been gone several months and is not expected to return as he appears to be enjoying the Amazon just a little too much.

October 2009

Major Dickie has confirmed he will not be returning to the Whitebytts abode – the lure of the Amazon and its delights being too great to resist.

Tansy is very sad.

December 2009

As a result of the passing of Lord Moor Common all the Birmingham Roller Pigeons have been taken to a new home.  Tansy misses them very much but would have been unable to look after them.  The last remaining Chicken has also been taken to a new home.

She hope the Rollers enjoy rolling in the sky at their new home.

This is a VERY sad time for Tansy.  She has lost the 2 most important people in her life.  2010 better be better!!


The Chicken Coop

The chickens live in a very palatial coop – purchased at great expense when The Major decided he would like fresh eggs every day! The coop is called a ‘Penthouse’. It has two levels and is on wheels so it can be trundled around the garden!

The Major soon decided the chicken run area was not large enough so a portion of the garden was fenced off to allow the little darlings to roam over the grass.

They soon ate, or scratched up, all the grass!

The Chickens were named after famous explorers. This has confused the neighbours as all the names are male and of course, the chickens aren’t!

Initially there were 6 chickens but tragedy struck in July 07 when one of the brown ones died. A sort of Oops moment.

A Further Oops moment occurred when the other brown one died on 19 March 08 so there were then down to 4! (2 explorers: Livingstone and Stanley and 2 more: Hitler and Himmler – so named as they were foul to the others).

Yet another Oops moment (11 August 2008 ) – we’re now down to three – either Hitler or Himmler gave up today!

The Dovecot!

The other excitement for their neighbours is the rather-too-many Birmingham Roller Pigeons (which are rather fun as they do aerobatics when they fly!). They are hoping the sparrow hawk will cull a few soon.

(For those who don’t know what a Birmingham Roller is or anything about their spectacular aerobatics, a video has been included to demonstrate these aerial manoeuvres:)

Pigeon Diary:

Friday 7 Sept 07: Actually the hawk got one today and has spent the afternoon eating it! So that’s one down and about another 40 to go just to get the numbers more manageable

Friday 12 October 07: The Hawk kills are now up to about 10. Last night one of the pigeons appeared in our sitting room having got in via the chimney – presumably as a refuge from the bombardment of the hawk. How nice of it to fly around scattering soot everywhere!

Dec 07 update – we have now lost about 25 in total – 10 more and we will be locking them in

16 Dec 07 – pigeon count now 45 so the hawk is winning!

14 Jan 08 – Still hanging on as the hawk stopped hostilities over the Christmas period and we still seem to have 45! However it did a low-level flypast over the weekend…….

16 Feb 08 – Near disaster – down to 32. So we’ve locked them in until mid-April when the female hawk will be nesting and so leaving them alone! Lord Moor Common (Tansy’s Dad) is sad as he enjoys watching and feeding them during the day.

24 April 08 – Update – The pigeons have been let out and are happily flying around and doing what pigeons do best – whatever that is!

11 August 08 – The hawk has been feasting early this year and has wiped out about a dozen. This is NOT cricket as the hawk is not supposed to attack during the summer – hostilities are not supposed to resume until at least the end of September.


Whitebytts Mansion

They have continual problems with their Water supplier. They are not on mains drainage.

They have a swimming pool which is usually green, despite their best efforts and large amounts of chemicals!

They also have a continue battle against rats. It has been found that lead at high-velocity is the best method of dispatch!


About Tansy

Tansy – as I am sure you know, dear reader – writes to Terry Wogan on a regular basis. She finds this therapeutic. Sometimes Sir Tel reads out her missives. (The successful ones can be found under the Broadcast category!).

Tansy spends too much of her time on the M4 (Between junction 8/9 and junction 16) and environs driving to and from work! (Just the 140 mile round trip!)

She doesn’t really enjoy listening to Chris Evans on her way home so mostly listens to Radio 3 or Classic FM for her return journey – sometimes she listens to CDs but as this then blanks out the traffic reports this choice can have disastrous results – usually in the form of increasing her journey time from 1hr 20 mins to anything over 2 hrs. This is not conducive to a happy home-coming. The Major can suffer!

About The Major

The Major works locally to where they live and so does not have
a) much time to listen to the full flavour of Wake Up to Wogan or
b) the joys of a long journey to work!

Major Dickie is a talented artist and photographer. Tansy wishes she was too!  (But she did win a prize at work for a picture of a Puffin!  So all is not lost!)


Holidays tended to be spent in desolate parts of Southern Africa where Major Dickie and Tansy drove off on their own and camped. Namibia and Botswana were particular favourites. They are not keen on package holidays. They enjoy photographing the wildlife and landscapes and birdwatching.
Salt Pans - Kubu Island - - BotswanaAbove Homeb, Namibiabushmen


They are fervent supporters of Survival International, in particular the cause of the Bushmen of Botswana.

Tansy – as a good and loyal Tog – also supports Children in Need

Hopes and Aspirations:

Tansy dreams of winning the lottery! (Well who doesn’t)

She also now hopes to recover from the loss of The Major and find herself another candidate for this important post.


4 Responses

  1. hey good to read okathleen here!

    enjoyed your blog, and will be back!

  2. chickens definitely attract rats – which is a bore. But the rats don’t cause a great deal of problem.

    It’s very difficult to stay completely clear of rats anywhere!

    thanks for your comments


  3. What a lovely life. Do you think your chickens attract rats? We have rats but no chickens. I would like chickens, but no more rats!


  4. Hello Tansy!

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I noticed yours last week after a comment of yours I saw on the Brightside Birding blog, and immediately put a link to yours on. I am a bit of a fan of “Wake up Wogan”!



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