CIN Quiz

So Tansy and her TansyNites team tried to defend their title at Roke last night.  But that voice of the balls Mr Deadlicoat failed to supply the right questions so her team came in 8th.

We really were in need of Sir Blimey Windy – who had abdicated his responsiblities and failed to join the team as he did last year!

However a good evening was had by all


Ode to Paul Viney and his mighty gavel

Broadcast – unattributed

Oh Paul, Oh Paul

I wish you were mine

Your voice is so sexy

And your profile divine

The Size of your Gavel

Makes me weak at the knees.

So will you give it a bang

Just the once – for me  – Please!

Deadly’s Quiz at Roke

What Fun!

Good old Deadly was on Sparkling Form and, at Phil Occifer’s suggestion, Sir Blimey Windy joined the team.

The result was the creation of “Tansy’s Windy Troupe” – an unbeatable combination. We romped home in first place. A definite first for Tansy and most of the other members!

Sir Blimey definitely brought the required level of quiz brain cells to the party!

Good provender too!

Deadly Quiz

So today’s the day and we’re off to Roke
To answer questions with other Toggy Folk
And to make the evening run with some Fizz
Deadly’ll be there to run the Quiz
It’ll be such fun and yes indeed
We’ll be boosting the funds of Children in Need

My sympathies to Lady Helen

Good Gracious what a surprise to see you on the Idiots’ Lantern yesterday.
I’ve never seen so much crystal and glass – so empty – and so sparkling – do you make the present Lady Wogan clean it all?
If so she has my deepest sympathy!

Children In Need – a few lines

Broadcast – well the 1st 6 lines – Wednesday 12 Nov

Hey Ho! – Wow! and Yes – Indeed
It’s the start of the week for Children in Need
But before you begin let’s hear what’s on offer
To help fill up the Children In Need’s Coffer!
And Dear Paul Viney is back in our midst
So bidding for prizes will be hard to resist!
But one thing – Dear Paul – and I don’t wish to cavil
There’s still the query about the size of your gavel!
So before you start why don’t you give it a Wang
So Proceedings can start with a well deserved Bang!

Phew! I think that was safe from Innuendo!!

Phil Occifer and Norma Snoquers

Ah dear reader, The Major and I went out last night – which is rare for a Friday as yours truly is usually stuck on the M4 and The Major works late!

We poodled off to a hostelry near Wallingford called The Home Sweet Home where we met the aforementioned Phil and Norma – Togs of great renown – and consumed alcohol with them – What Fun! And it was! A truly delightful evening.

We now each own a Tog’s badge – purchased from Phil in aid of the great cause which is Children in Need. The Major is looking forward to wearing his along side his campaign medals!