Cranford – Last episode


What excitement and intrigue and the Death Toll wasn’t too high either.

There was a moment when it did look as if we were in for another massacre but no, Just the one main death with a couple of unknown railway workers as back-up.

I think it was fortunate that Miss Mattie was being kept busy selling tea!




The spinsters of Cranford all wish to be wed.
The young and the old and even – the plainly odd in the head.
Most have fallen for the Doctor, we are led to believe.
Who is young and good looking and far too naïve.

For when these ladies have marriage fixed in their sights,
They’re fully focused on how to get out of their plight
Let’s hope more men will soon be about
Or Cranford is in danger of just dying out!!


Cranford and the railway

Given the high number of spinsters living in the town, I do hope “Virgin Trains” wins the franchise when the railway finally reaches Cranford!