Terry quits Eurovision

Broadcast – well here and there – bits and bobs!

Even Radio 4 appears to be  interested in your future.!   They’ve  just announced  that  Graham Norton is picking up the Eurovision Baton  and is giving you a quick whack to keep you out of the way!

Well I suppose if Chris Evans gets his wish  and you’re going to be singing the UK Entry you can’t be commentating as well!


Don’t do it!

Broadcast – well 1st couple of sentences!
Egged on by his listener – Chris Evans is advocating that you [Terry] should sing the next Eurovision entry!
My advice is stay clear at all costs. Euroland would collapse with indecision. What points to give.?
Null Points would be no change from before and Douze would be tacit acknowledgement that the UK had at last lowered itself to the level of all the other countries!!

Strictly and Eurovision – it’s all the same!!

On Eurovision tactical voting is known
This leaves the UK with no points of its own
They vote for their friends – and never the tune!
But from such tactics we are not so immune!
So P’raps we shouldn’t look so askance –
For Here – too many are voting – for those who can’t dance!!

Very Terry Wogan by Rang-a-Tang

Well that was a surprise just of the 8 O’clockiers!

Great record though:


“Now THAT would have won Eurovision!

The Baltic states wouldn’t have dared to vote for anything else!”

Another missed opportunity!


Good grief! The Apprentice was decided without a Phone In

If Alan Sugar can find himself an Apprentice (albeit from a rather bizarre selection of candidates) without the aid of a public vote – and still attract a healthy audience – perhaps The Great Lord Webber  – and  – dare I say it – Eurovision – could take a leaf out of his book and follow suit.

In other words  – Stick to judges who know what they are talking about!

It seems there is more chance of the best candidate or song winning if they did!

Eurovision – The Final Solution!

The solution is to put Alan Sugar in charge of the semi-final rounds with unlimited powers to Fire as many acts as he feels necessary! The Final would then consist of any remaining acts plus those countries allowed straight through to the Final.

This would have the merit of

a) Ridding us of all the rubbish and

b) reducing the lengh of the final contest

As a final blast The Lord Lloyd Webber and his judging panel could be brought in to ‘nail’ any possible interloper by suggesting they liked a particular act – thus encouraging the public throughtout ‘Europe’ to vote for the underdog!


Weekend Voting – Eurovision

Oh dear! I think I made a complete hash of the voting last weekend.

I voted for Sweden to cook at The Gherkin –

Chef Tom Kitchin to be the next Nancy –

And Andrew Lloyd Webber as the best Eurovision song.

Sorry! I’ll try and concentrate this weekend and do better

Can we have a few reruns until we all get it right?