At last the phone-in voting is over – for a while!


Phew! I’m glad that’s all over!

Now we can get back to the Peace and Calm of the SpringWatch Ditch – after the hurly-burly of the “Talent Stage” and that Jenny Bond Kitchen!


Great British Menu – The Great Vote for Britain’s Got Talent


I’m going to vote for Tom’s  Beef Wellington.  I have no idea what it tastes like,   BUT  –  I thought  his  choice of plate showed imagination  –  the way he chopped his vegetables showed  artistic flare and his final flourish  with the  accompanying asparagus  was outstanding.

I am really looking forward to seeing  him perform on The Royal Variety Performance – The Queen should love it – far better than any of the other  “off the wall acts”  we’ve seen on Britain’s Got Talent this week!

Well done!

PS  What do you mean – Britain’s Got Talent wasn’t on last night!!!

That Banquet at the “Artichoke”

So pleased to see  Jenny “Licensed to Grill”  Bond lived up to her reputation of trying to create a crisis out of a glitch!  Well done!

Glad to see you got tucked in to your food before anyone could take anything away!

No wonder you’ve survived so long – always eat all you can when the opportunity presents itself – to ensure body and soul are kept together!

The Great British menu – The Banquet


So tonight’s the night then!

The Great British Menu Banquet

I suppose we will see you scoffing  all those fancy courses!

I do hope you don’t disgrace yourself in front of the wonderful Lady Helen!

Will we be faced with dear Jenny Bond doing the commentary – gosh I do hope not – she‘ll only try and make trouble.

Well – personally – I trust you put her in her place by adopting the Goldfinger approach:

Jenny Bond  “Well Sir Terry what do you expect?”

Sir Terry:  “I expect you to Fry  – Miss Bond!”

Great British Menu!

Hi everyone

OK! So what’s so special about this at the moment? It’s great  that so many of you have arrived here – the blog has had over 100 hits on this as a topic today.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site and I do hope you weren’t too disappointed by what you found! There are several posts on the subject of the Great British Menu on this blog so do use the search facility at the top of the page!



Weekend Voting – Eurovision

Oh dear! I think I made a complete hash of the voting last weekend.

I voted for Sweden to cook at The Gherkin –

Chef Tom Kitchin to be the next Nancy –

And Andrew Lloyd Webber as the best Eurovision song.

Sorry! I’ll try and concentrate this weekend and do better

Can we have a few reruns until we all get it right?

At last the Great British Menu has paid homage to Boggy!

That wonderful Slate of Food – was a culinary – ‘post-modern’ pictorial masterpiece – of Boggy’s boat on its collision course with the Eddison Lighthouse.

Boggy‘s boat – with its flamboyant yellow flowered sail was the centre piece of the dish,

The Eddison Lighthouse – depicted by the frosty jar of Berry soup

The Blackcurrant mousse resembled a large rock – which the boat appeared to be veering towards –

And finally The foaming main of wheatgrass – swirling around the slate-grey sea.

Brilliant!! At long last Boggy’s seafaring efforts have inspired one of Britain‘s great chefs!

Apparently it even tasted OK

He should demand royalties!!