Just a kiss could do it for you!

Good Morning

Clearly your ratings could do with a boost.

But don’t worry I have the answer!

On the basis of the new ‘just go for it’ Strictly come Dancing’s Gavin’s  latest move

I suggest you jump to your feet – we know your knees can cope now – and give Boggy a full on kiss.

That should boost the viewing figures on the red-button option this week.

Of course you may not feel ready to take this bold step….


The foggy Boggy bump

The mist is hung around the bay

The outlook was somewhat Foggy

In the gloom a  resounding crash was heard

Said the harbour Master  – “Oh here comes Boggy!”

Boggy’s NOT a sailor…….

Boggy is NOT a sailor
He couldn’t navigate around a moat
He’s safest moored in harbour
Where he’s sure he’ll  stay afloat!

Boggy and thoughts of Pitlochrie!

Dear Boggie
My thoughts strayed to you yesterday evening . Just as I put my foot down – leaving the town of Marlow.
Pow the world lit up – that split second of splendour – and that’s when I thought of you and those lovely lanes in Pitlochrie –
Yes I too have benefitted from the joy of having my car photographed and have joined the ranks of those who – through a moment’s lapse – keep funding the local piggy banks!

Boost Boggy’s Coffers Campaign


Dear Mr Marsh
You’re clearly destitute and in need of our unconditional assistance and help. You are obviously desperate for cash – why else were you doing the evening shift yesterday as well as ‘giving your all’ on The early morning watch?

Terry to take over from John Sergeant!!!


So Brucey wants you to be parachuted in to Strictly after the departure of You Know Who!
Well – I for one don’t think your knees are up to it – and those lifts could be the undoing of you.
In My Humble Opinion I think Boggy would be the answer.

A quick Sailors’ HornPipe would soon split the judges and that fickle finger of fate – which is the Public Vote and with luck – we could have another debacle on our hands!

Today is Older Peoples’ day!

Broadcast – (partially!  and not attributed!)

Good Morning you old Veteran
And how will you be celebrating Older Peoples Day today?
I am sure you are one of the many who – according to the BBC – are lonely and Out of Touch! Why else would you feel the need to spend two hours a day in a cramped studio with Boggy!