BBC moves outside!……

Broadcast on Ken Bruce

Just be thankful you’ve been allowed to broadcast from the comfort of your studio this morning.  The  rest of the BBC seem to have  been kicked outside to Downing Street and Parliament square – and they all look frozen!

Do you think this is a new BBC wheeze to have money by forcing everyone to spend the rest of their working lives out in the elements?

Great savings on offices and heating!


Activity for the New Year – Potholing!!!……..

Broadcast  by Ken Bruce

I have decided to try something totally new – exciting – dangerous – adventurous –  and surprising!!!

I am going to take up Potholing.

Now do you think I should start  with  the M4 or should I try out the local pot holes first.  The ones near us look fairly dangerous and  – dare I say it – Deep!!

I don’t want to fall into something I can’t handle until I have mastered some of the more basic techniques– whatever they are.

Perhaps your other listener could recommend one.