Master Shout Ice cream – or not

Broadcast – unattributed

Is it me?

But  why do Those Chefs  all leave making the ice cream to the last minute??

With the result that most of what they dish up is cold cream rather than ICE CREAM

Why not make it first and stick it in the freezer like the rest of us mortals do!


Master Shout – the semis….

So what was wrong with Gregg last night.  He seems to have upped the anti even more.  Whereas Michel became quite calm and reasonable about the wannabe’s in the Semi Final, Gregg seemed to be enraged that they had got this far!

Actually maybe he has a point!

I am glad however that they chose the contestant that produced good flavour rather than the one who could only make his ‘plate of food’ look pretty.

Remember – Michel and Gregg – the idea is to eat the stuff not just look at it!!

Master Chef – another Car Crash evening!


So those master chef contestants “Hope to ‘break in’ to the top ranks of the world’s culinary elite.” Do they?    Well  breaking in is the only way they’ll get there  if last night was anything to go by!  They won’t get there by cooking that’s for sure!

Some of the courses  even failed to appear in the quarter final round!  Which – I don’t know about you – but  I feel is really a fairly basic error!

And then what about those Crème Brulee offerings !!  come on even I can manage to make one of those!

Good grief – master shout succeeds


Good grief that WAS a turn up for the books last night!

Chefs who could actually cook!!

What ever next!

“Master Shout” – or “Car Crash Cookery”

Just when you thought that there was nothing left to be said about master shout we get taken to a whole new place!

And Thank Goodness for the safety of “behind the chaise longue” – really the only “place” to have watched the fish filleting exercise last night!

Definitely a case of Car Crash Cookery!

The makers of blue plasters must have seen a huge surge in sales recently!!

“Deer caught in the headlights”


Deer caught in the headlights are nothing to compare to  poor Michel Roux the Second last night!

Caught as he was in the glare of the Brandished knife and the horror of the failed “Plates of Food!”

Truly terrifying!

But it all helps to make watching Master Shout such a joy!

“Cooking doesn’t get Better than this”


Given the standard of the chefs on Master Shout last night, all I have to say is:

“Oh I do hope it does!”

And I think Miss Whiplash feels the same.

She was NOT a happy bunny last night

And Gregg? Gregg sensibly agreed with everyone!