Brrr! A chill in the air and on the airwaves!

What a week. What with the fallout on Radio 2 of various presenters and the snow on Wednesday a certain chill in the air in more ways than one!
Not to mention Bill and Kate chasing around after the wildlife..
Roller Pigeons on the roof
The snow on Wednesday fell in a huge lump onto our garden ! The raspberry frame – already suffering a certain amount of age –related damage and wear and tear, gave up the will to live and collapsed – in a flat-pack sort of way! I suppose disposal will be easier now the whole thing is on the ground!
The chickens sulked in their palatial home and refused to come out – demanding their daily rations from the comfort of their coop.
Only the pigeons seemed happy. The whole lot came out and flew around for hours before messing about in the snow on the roof!


Roller Pigeon – saved

The rogue sparrowhawk attacked again this afternoon but, by dint of swift action by The Major and yours truly, we were able to rescue it from the clutches of the attacker.  We are still not sure if the victim will live but we have tucked it up in the pigeon loft, with a supply of food and water, and can now only hope!

The trouble is the hawk is now still hungry……..

I do rather wish it could keep to a diet of wood pigeon and leave our Rollers alone.  We appear to have lost about 15 in the last few weeks.

We could lock them up but that seems equally cruel.  They are meant to fly not be caged.  So they just have to take their chance.

Red Kites

One pair of our Roller Pigeons recently had the bright idea of nesting on the ledge of the dovecot instead of in one of the nesting boxes. All was well until the baby was big enough to move – which must have been yesterday! It then fell over the edge and died. End of parenthood for one pair of pigeons.

But hello food for one Red Kite!

I put the corpse out on the grass and left nature to take its course. Which it did some 20 minutes later.

First one Red Kite appeared overhead, then another, then another until 7 were circling at about 60 feet above the garden. None of them had the courage to make a dive for the fodder – presumably as The Major and I were standing watching.

Then finally temptation got the better of one of them and it swooped down to grab it – and missed. So a second one had a go – also missed. Then two more swooped together – the 1st of these got it and was hotly pursued through the trees by the other!

The whole escapade can’t have lasted more than a couple of minutes at the most!

Very exciting whilst it lasted.

The pigeons were VERY unimpressed!

Roller pigeons, Swimming pools and other stuff!

So our Roller pigeons have been flying free for the last three days – and so far so good – they seem to be avoiding the sparrow hawk! (See other posts in this blog on Rollers to catch up with their traumas!)

Major Dickie and I went shopping this evening and bought a new vacuum cleaner! What Fun!

The best bit was we paid with vouchers which we had got from cashing in all our Goldfish points so we didn’t have to part with any real spondoulies.

The next batch of Algicide arrived today so the Pool got another dosing. Riveting isn’t it! And we now have Flocculant – which we will throw in at the end of next week after all the other chemicals have done their bit! (See other posts in this blog on swimming pools)

Toodle pip for now!

Roller Pigeons – again!

Oh Dear

We should have been more decisive last night! Well over the pigeon issue at least!
We didn’t shut them in and now the sparrow hawk is having breakfast – having first scattered pigeon feathers in a nice mass in the garden. It‘s depressing and it‘s not good news for our lovely Rollers.

Note – to see them fly go to the About Us page and watch the video!

The quandry about our Birmingham Roller Pigeons

The poor things don’t know whether they’re coming or going! Three weeks ago we let them out and although initially all seemed well, the sparrow hawk took up residence in a local tree and proceeded to pick them off at a rather alarming rate. So last weekend we locked them in again. The sparrow hawk gave up its vigil and appeared to be hunting elsewhere.

Today, based on the view of both Major Dickie and Lord Moor Common (my revered father), I let them out again. Two hours later and the sparrow hawk is having lunch.

Now what to do. It’s the female which takes the pigeons. Apparently the male, being smaller, hunts for smaller prey. The female should be sitting by now and thus otherwise occupied so our Birmingham Roller Pigeons can enjoy the freedom of the skies without the threat of airborne attack. So do we lock them in again for another week or let them take their chance?

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