A sunny day!!.

Broadcast – not attributed

Shame for you the weather is so good and you’re cooped up in a studio – still needs must I suppose!

I’m listening to you on my wind-up radio – in the garden



wogan takes up Grand Prix F1

Broadcast on Weekend Wogan (not attributed)

Have my ears been deceiving me or have you taken up Grand Prix F1 driving?

The commentators have been going on and on about  someone called  SirTel all morning.

And you drove with such skill!   I can’t believe it’s the same person who drove so carefully round the Top Gear circuit a few years ago.

You’ve clearly been practising!

Well Done!

With Apologies to Lewis Carroll

“The time has come”  The Walrus said
“To seek out pastures new,
For all I loved from the Breakfast show
Has deserted Radio 2.
Now the fun and wit has gone
And  my nerves are jangled through.”

“The Togmeister was due to go
Of that I understood
But why  oh why “  The Walrus cried
“Did they throw out all the good?
I don’t  enjoy  the puerile jokes,
Even though I know I should!”

“So, though it truly saddens me  –
Radio 2 –  I am out of here”
The Walrus bowed his head  and walked,
and shed a bitter tear!
“I’m off to find a less frazzled place
To wake calm – with gentle cheer”.


Don’t forget to clear out your drawers……

Now you’ve finally got to your last day just remember to do all those irritating things I am sure the BBC will expect you to do!

  • Return all items belonging to the BBC including your breakfast mug, any pens and pencils , your stapler  AND any cutlery you have pinched from the Staff Canteen.
  • Hand in your ID badge to Security at Reception
  • Ensure you have cleaned out your drawers.  You will be expected to return if you leave Dirty Drawers behind!!

That’s it then .  an EARA ended!



Good luck!

Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen – it’s working!!


Wow it just goes to show what can be achieved in a few short days!

Gather a few world leaders together to hear how  the planet is heating up and we are all doomed, and what happens  – without any effort on anyone’s part – we get snow

I hadn’t expected results so fast

Well done!

Perhaps we could leave them all in Copenhagen – now they’re all together – and set them some more challenges – the financial crisis for example!

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot – what about your Telegraph column!!

Are you sure this retirement malarky is a good idea?

I  – for one – am VERY concerned about your future journalistic career.

How on earth are you going to cobble together that column you write in a certain Sunday paper  when you’ve  cut yourself off from the ready supply of material?

I’d keep your email account open if I were you or you could find they  also give you the boot

Mark my words –  You could be heading for parlous times.

Don’t do it!!

The thought of you begging is just Unmanly and not pretty!

More Hot Air…….


So the Met Office has announced the last decade was the hottest on record

Well  may be a lot of the problem is due to all the hot air being generated by the differing views of all the “Research Scientists”

And the current HOT SPOT over Copenhagen

Anyway we don’t need to save the Planet – the Planet will survive

Us Humans – Ah – that is a different matter!!!