CIN Quiz

So Tansy and her TansyNites team tried to defend their title at Roke last night.  But that voice of the balls Mr Deadlicoat failed to supply the right questions so her team came in 8th.

We really were in need of Sir Blimey Windy – who had abdicated his responsiblities and failed to join the team as he did last year!

However a good evening was had by all


Ah those Senior Moments – At Last someone understands

I see from my latest catalogue of  gift items “For Men or Girls”  there is the  answer to every TOGs prayer

The “Senior Moments Game”

As the blurb says – “For those who think they’re losing their marbles”.  If you fail to answer the basic questions and lose all your marbles –  you’ll  find yourself “Living entire days over and over again”.

The winner is the person who manages to get through the entire week!

So look out  – you could find yourself stuck in this job and the prospect of retirement just a distant dream!!

Norma Snoquers lives in Benson not Sweden!!

Dear Sir

The TOGS listened in amazement yesterday and are now confused!  (So nothing new there!)

Ms Norma Snoquers is known to us as the co-habittee of one Phil Occifer of Benson and thus does not live in Sweden or any other Scandinavian country.

We have checked and she hasn’t  “done a runner” –  but is tucked up safe and sound with the aforementioned Phil!

Please could you put her mind at rest and that of the Nation  – We cannot cope with more than one set of Noquers!

She needs to be assured  her that her identity is safe and sound!!

Either that or she will sue!!

Many thanks!

The Maldives goes in for underwater meetings!


So  – according to various news reports – the Maldives cabinet is going to meet underwater using hand signals and boards to communicate.

So when can we expect you to broadcast from the bottom of your bath?

We know Lynn’s hand signals to be second to none  and Deadly always sounds if he speaking from the depths so it should be a  “shore” –  fire winner

The trouble is given the dribble (I mean drivel) you usually broadcast will anyone notice the difference!

The Togs’ Chorus – a few lines……


Through rain and thunder but hopefully no sleet

The Togs of Britain –today –  descend on Longleat

To sing TOGether is their aim and ambition

To bring new meaning to Sir Paul’s earlier rendition.

So Let’s  hope they  all manage to keep clear of a soak

And sing a chorus that’s better  – than an old froggy croak!

A very Thame visit


So nice to meet The old Leg-End again yesterday – whilst you’re still mobile and managed to get up the stairs unaided! Even if you did insist on sitting down at the back so we all had to turn round!!

Bless the organiser – Only a true TOG could have organised that!!

On this, his birthday despite his age Sir Tel can still walk……..


The morn it dawned on one more year
The Togs they did rejoice
Happy birthday to Sir Terry –
They shouted with one voice

And though in years he’s somewhat stricken
He does not seem too jaded
And Yes his snake-like figure’s gone
But LOOK – He walks – UNAIDED!